Feed the Pig

Feed the Pig

APRIL 9, 2014 

Feed the Pig

Welcome to Feed the Pig!

I’m “spokespig” Benjamin Bankes, here to remind you to feed your piggy bank.

The Feed the Pig website is here to help you do just that. Here, you’ll find fun tools, a quiz, tons of tips and other resources. They will all help you think through your spending and saving habits, identify ways you can start saving and commit to making changes that will reduce your debt and grow your savings.

Specifically, on this site you can:

Pick a personality similar to yours in Me Save? Then choose a set of spending habits you want to change or break and find out how much you can save over a month, a year or even 35 years!

Sync your Feed the Pig profile with Facebook or your iGoogle Homepage to track what you can save over time.

Find out how much you can save no matter what course your life takes in the 5% Challenge.

Take a quiz to see how well you understand the psychology behind our saving and spending habits.

Get savings tips, which you can rate and comment on.

Talk to others about how they “Feed the Pig.”

Watch and listen to Feed the Pig TV and radio ads.

Learn a ton more about saving through our Resources section and our companion site, 360financialliteracy.org, which has advice for people at all stages of life.

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