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Surgent’s Advanced Individual Income Tax Return Issues (SU1222/21)

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Surgent’s Advanced Individual Income Tax Return Issues (SU1222/21)

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December 30, 2021 @ 9:00 am

Event Description

Most CPAs have been preparing individual income tax returns for years, and while many of the returns are easy, there are always a number of issues that come up in busy season of which experienced practitioners wish they had more knowledge. This course is designed to explore the tough tax issues for experienced practitioners and help them provide better planning strategies and results for their higher income clients.

Designed For

Experienced CPAs who want and need an in-depth knowledge of the most difficult individual-income-tax-return issues


Understand how to properly report advanced transactions in financial instruments and investments Understand the special problems and new issues for the current return Understand the business loss limitation rules and how to calculate the deductible loss

Major Subjects

Understanding the special problems and new issues for the current year tax return How to determine the §199A deduction and when rental property qualifies for the §199A deduction Installment sales — understanding the complicated issues Form 8582: Passive losses with carryovers — Complicated case with filled-in forms Capital gain and loss issues — The problem with proper reporting of installment sales issues; when is a stock worthless; and much more… At-risk rules: What a return preparer really needs to know Passive loss issues — You can’t just trust your software. What to watch out for, and the questions you need your clients to answer in order to do it right! Incentive and nonqualified stock options — Reporting; key strategies for planning; dealing with the alternative minimum tax Alternative minimum tax — Understanding it; planning strategies to avoid it; using the minimum tax credit; explaining it to a client The business loss limitation rules – Understanding the business loss limitation rules and the associated calculations


Extensive experience in preparation of individual income tax returns




December 30, 2021
9:00 am


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